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Far famed for its cruel Warlock overlord, Bitch Mountain is the deadliest destination on any adventurer's map. But with its rumoured riches and guaranteed bragging rights, it's a quest that Greasy can't refuse... even if it forces her to face the hangover from hell and, her most dire peril yet, the Friend Zone! Can she fight her way out of the depths with her treasure (and her dignity) intact?

Art & Writing by: Abi Bailey, Lauren Burke, Laina Buzsko, Hannah K. Chapman, Amy Chase, Atla Hrafney, Nicole Miles, Jenny Mure, Ahmara Smith, April Szafranski, Becca Tobin, Mathilde Van Gheluwe, Korinna Veropoulou and Jenny Woodall.

Published by Avery Hill Publishing.

Purchase a physical copy here.

Purchase a digital copy here.


"[Abs Bailey's] The Quizzard’ makes clever use of smaller panels floating across larger images creating a sense of deeper involvement with events on the page as Greasy encounters the challenge of a magical question-mistress."

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